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Bridal hair and makeup


  • How do I book?
    Just follow the "enquire now" button on any of my pages to fill out a form to find out my availability If I'm available, I'll happily let you know, and send over a proposal which will have your quote, contract and invoice attached. Next, send over your deposit and I'm all yours!
  • What deposit do you require?
    I take a 25% of the total booking to secure your date. You can pay this via bank transfer (details on your invoice) or credit card. There will be a "pay now" button on your invoice
  • Can I book a trial before securing you for the day?
    Unfortunately your date cannot be held without a booking fee (deposit). Your trial is a separate payment. Having a trial before your date is secured would mean your date could potentially be taken by another couple before your trial takes place. If you're happy to take that risk then I am more than happy to book in a trial first, but booked brides do take priority with available dates.
  • Can I change the amount of services I book you for?
    Yes and no. When you fill out my enquiry form, please put the maximum services you think you may require. I will then be able to work out how many artists I need with timings and therefore can provide an accurate quote. If you require individual pricing i.e wish to know the difference between just hair or hair and makeup for your bridal party, please take a look at my services and prices page for a break down of each service. You can change the amount of services you require up to 90 days before your wedding day. After that you will be charged for the original amount (if reductions are made).
  • Where/when do the trials take place?
    Trials take place on Mondays and Wednesdays between 10:30 and 14:30 at my home studio in Bishops Stortford. I advise having a trial 4-6 months before your wedding and I will send out my availability via a calendar link for you to choose a date when it is your time to book a trial. Your trial payment is due 1 month before your appointment. If you are a teacher and therefore have limited flexibility, please let me know as I will need to override my booking system to let you book a trial during school holidays. This is due to childcare arrangements.
  • How long does a trial take?
    Hair AND makeup trials take up to 3 hours. JUST hair or makeup 1-2. So sit back and enjoy a pamper! I have bubbles, tea/coffee and snacks so you'll be well looked after! If you wish to try more than one style, you may need to book a second trial as due to timings, only minor changes can be made. I will send a pre trial questionnaire to get an idea of the style you'd like to try, which saves time on the day.
  • Do I need to bring anything for the trial?
    If you have any inspirational images from my website then please bring them along, we can have a chat on the day of course but it helps if we both have an idea of what you'd like. My idea of a loose curl and yours may be totally different. The same goes for a smokey eye makeup. If you have any hair accessories or a fave lippie then please bring them along too.
  • When do you require final payment?
    Final payment of the remaining balance of is required 1 month before the day at the latest, if the service is less than 1 month away, full payment is required to secure the booking.
  • How long do you need on the wedding day?
    This is very dependent on wedding party size, time restrictions on the day, getting ready venue and many other factors. This will be discussed with you in detail either on or after the trial. However as a general rule, 3 hours for the bride for hair AND makeup, 1.5/2 for just hair or makeup and 1 hour per service for the rest of the bridal party.
  • What additional services do your offer?
    I create beautiful handmade faux flower hair accessories which suit my romantic and elegant hairstyles so well. I can make suggestions for what would suit your hairstyle during your trial and show you the range I have to offer you and your bridal party.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    For wedding day cancellations please see my Terms & Conditions for more details. Trial cancellations will be charged at 50% with less than 24 hours notice.
  • Can I book a larger bridal party?
    Absolutely. I will cover up to 4 services alone (2 hair 2 makeup, or 4 hair/4 makeup), but for more services required then another artist will be needed at a rate of £100 per artist. Depending on how many services need to be covered. This will also be the case if there are start time restrictions. I have a variety of amazing artists I use for both hair and makeup or just one or the other.
  • Can I bring someone with me for my trial?
    Yes of course, but due to space restrictions only one extra person can attend with you.
  • Can I pay in installments?
    Of course. After your initial 25% deposit, you can pay installments whenever you like. Just let me know when you've sent a payment over and I will update it on your invoice. Your remaining final balance must be paid in full 1 month before your wedding date.
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