2020 - How it was for me

Updated: Jan 6

At the start of 2020, it was looking very promising for me. I had lots of weddings booked in and I was super excited to get going. I am so lucky that I am one of the people who get to do a job they really enjoy and love.

"February unfortunately started badly"

The wedding season is generally March to September, but I already had three weddings booked in January, and two in February. It was looking to be my busiest year yet! February unfortunately started badly as my little fur baby was put down after 10 years, then Storm Dennis blew down our 80ft walnut tree and wrote off both mine and my husband’s cars! By the end of February the word was beginning to spread about Coronavirus but nothing really had happened just yet. I am part of an online hair and makeup academy with artists all over the world, and a few of the girls had said weddings were starting to be cancelled. I felt shocked for them but never in a million years thought it would happen in the UK. Then March hit and things dramatically changed!

We had a family week away at Centre Parcs with friends, and whilst there received the news from Boris about the impending lockdown. I, like may others, had been following the pandemic updates here and there but I didn’t realise the seriousness of it until then. By that time, we were already socially distancing and sanitising our hands but apart from that things seemed to be carrying on as normal.