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8 of my favourite Bridal makeup looks

Updated: May 1

When it comes to choosing your bridal makeup style (and artist for that matter) it’s best to start with looking at how much you’re comfortable wearing on a daily basis. If you’re a “sometimes wear mascara if I can be bothered” kind of person, then the full glam look will not be for you. Mainly because it is a very bold look, especially for your wedding day.

If you’re used to wearing makeup and are comfortable seeing yourself with a full face, then you have some more choice with what you feel may suit you. If you’re not sure what that is, the right makeup artist is there to guide you, not force you into something you’re not comfortable with, just because it’s a look they like to do.

My style is soft, romantic and classic and the brides I tend to attract, either love this style or feel it is natural enough for them to feel comfortable trialing it for their wedding day if they’re not used to wearing much makeup. I only ever want you to feel 100% comfortable and confident and I will be honest if you want to try something that I am not used to creating.

So here I’ve chosen my top 8 (in no particular order) bridal makeup looks I’ve created over the last few years. Take a look and see if they’re styles you feel you could see yourself having and don’t forget to save for future reference!

No 1 - The bronzed beauty

This is the perfect sunkissed natural vibe, using skintone shades, this look can be adapted for any skintone, for brides looking for a ‘holiday’ feel to their wedding day makeup. Flawless, glowing, bronzed skin gives a beautiful natural feel.Yet enough to look “done”

No.2 - The bold lip

Perfect for the bride who isn’t afraid of a bit of colour.

I wouldn’t suggest a smokey eye with a bold lip as you lose the power of the lip and the look has no specific focus. There’s something very strong about a bold lip and it’s the same look I went for on my wedding day!

Not for everyone but it makes me happy when you choose it!

No.3 - The no makeup makeup

The ultimate natural look. The “barely there” makeup. This requires very good skin/skincare leading up to your wedding day as to pull off a true natural look, your base needs to be minimal or very sheer (light in texture) coverage to really get that “real skin” look.

A lick of mascara, fluffy brows with minimal fill in, a glowy blush and a neutral lip is the key to this look. This is the look you want if you’re “not a makeup wearer!” a great one for anxious Mums or younger wedding party members

No.4 - The smokey eye

This is a look I refer to as a “wedding smokey eye” A much softer version of your glam night out kind of smokey eye. No thick bold strip lash, no strong contrast in colours, just something a little more to define and draw attention to your eyes, they’re the windows to the soul after all!

Keeping the colours muted keeps this look romantic and not too in your face. It’s bolder, but not so much that you notice the makeup more than you notice you. That’s the key.

No.5 - The glow

Not too dissimilar to the first bronzed look, except the emphasis is on the glow to the skin and the highlighter. This is a very popular look at the moment. The key is to make the skin look “lit from within” not sweaty betty, otherwise you’ve gone too far and will need a lot of powder (which defeats the object) I love this skin look. It’s fresh and pretty and looks very youthful.

No.6 - “Soft glam”

Sometimes in makeup terms, the word glam conjures up all sorts of horror images in your mind, if you’re not a glam makeup fan that is (I’m not).

However, a look like this, that uses feminine, delicate pinks is a definite yes from me. I loved creating this look on my beautiful model Meika. Using the correct colours to compliment your eye colour works beautifully as a stronger look.

No.7 - The wing

Usually if a bride asks me for a winged liner, I’d come out in a cold sweat. We all have our weaknesses, and a winged liner is mine. Probably because it's not something easily practiced on my own eye shape! I prefer a more natural take on it like in this image of my bride here. Instead of a bold liquid liner, a gel liner that is defused with a powder takes away the dramatic look. If you like the idea of a more natural wing, this is the one for you.

It pulls attention to your eyes, creates a more feline look and enhances the lash line, making your lashes appear thicker. Who doesn’t want that! Teamed with some natural cluster lashes gives added definition here.

No 8. - Peachy keen

Ok it’s not actually called that, but I wasn’t sure how else to describe this look other than, “my absolute dream look”

I guess in a way I’ve saved the best til last. There’s nothing I don’t love about the look I created on my lovely bride. Using warm and neutral tones on her eyes, natural brows, a very soft liner to make her (natural!) lashes pop, and peachy/coral tones on the cheeks and lips creates such a stunning spring/summer look. You could have the same look with pinker tones if you prefer and it would look equally gorgeous. I just love it.