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Alternative elegance: Redefining bridal beauty through unique hair and makeup choices

2024 for me has brought about a change in the style of hair and makeup I want to create. Don't get my wrong, I still love the elegant and natural style of a traditional bridal look, but I don't want to ONLY create that look. I want to get more creative with my skills, after all, it's why I started in makeup, because I'm creative. I'm starting to lean towards a more alternative style in bridal hair and makeup.

What does "alternative" mean?

So that brings up the question...What does alternative mean? It's all about expressing yourself in what would be classed as a "non traditional" or non conformist way. Basically, being a little bit different to the "norm".

Imagine edgy pixie cuts, cascading waves adorned with funky accessories – Totally different from the norm and a big hello to a look that shouts, "This is me!" A Splash of colour because, why not!? While a white bridal gown is a classic, why not throw in a bold lip, vibrant eyeshadow, or even a colorful hair extension? A great modern twist to your bridal look. Bohemian vibes and eclectic touches.

Don’t forget to be YOU.

For those free-spirited souls, embrace the bohemian influence. Flower crowns, intricate braids, and loose, flowing waves – it's elegance with a laid-back feel. Timeless yet on-trend, and it's a look that can be made as unique as you are.

Break the mould with accessories and dare to be different. Bold accessories are a great way to add a bit of drama. Statement headpieces, unconventional veils – this is your chance to make an entrance.

Expressing Individuality

Because you do you best Above all, it's about being you. Whether you're showing off a tattoo or strutting down the aisle with a bouquet made of feathers, every detail adds up to a look that's authentically, unapologetically you. In the world of weddings, where tradition can sometimes feel a bit dull, having an alternative twist to your hair and makeup can shake things up. It's your day, your style, and your chance to redefine what bridal beauty means. So, get ready to rock your own way!

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