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Elevate your wedding hair look: Why to use the enchantment of highlights and hair colours

Your wedding day is a time when you want to look and feel your absolute best. Every detail, from your dress to your hairstyle, plays a role in creating the perfect bridal look. When it comes to your hair, the magic of highlights and hair colors can play such a huge part in the final finish. Even small changes can really take your hairstyle to the next level by offering beautiful depth and dimension that will make your wedding hairstyle be truly unforgettable.

mermaid braid

The art of dimension: Highlights have an incredible ability to create dimension within your hair. By strategically placing lighter or darker strands, you introduce a multi-dimensional effect that adds movement to your style. This depth not only catches the light and helps create a thicker, fuller and more intricate finish, but also brings life to your curls, twists, and turns.

Complementing your style: Your wedding hairstyle should be an extension of your personality and style. Hair highlights provide the perfect opportunity to add a unique touch that complements your overall look. Whether you're aiming for a soft, romantic look or something a bit more bold, the right choice of highlights and hair colours can help you achieve your desired effect. By discussing options with a professional hairstylist you're able to select shades that enhance your natural colouring and flatter your complexion.

Bridal updo

Playing with contrast: Contrast is key to creating visually striking wedding hairstyles. Highlights allow you to play with contrasting colours, blending shades that harmonise with your natural hair colour or choosing a dramatic contrast for a bold statement. The mix of light and dark creates a captivating effect that draws attention to your chosen style.

Enhancing your features: Highlights do more than just add depth; they can enhance your facial features as well. Thoughtful placement of highlights around your face can illuminate your complexion and bring out your eyes, leaving you with a radiant glow. These subtle touches can make a remarkable difference, transforming your bridal look from beautiful to breathtaking. It really is amazing how much these subtle differences can transform your whole look.

Capturing timeless memories: Your wedding day will be filled with precious moments captured in photographs. Highlights and hair colors add that extra touch of elegance, ensuring your hair looks stunning from every angle. The mixture of colours creates visual interest and depth in your photographs and creates a more lifelike finish.

Bride having a veil put in

So as you prepare for your wedding day, embrace the enchantment of highlights and hair colors to enhance your bridal hairstyle. I happily discuss with my brides during a trial if I feel a little extra colour would take your style to the next level. Whether you opt for subtle highlights or daring pops of color, allow your hair to be a reflection of you and your styles as well as a way to make your hairstyle a real show stopper.

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