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Elevate your bridal style: 4 tips to achieve the Wedding hair of your dreams

Updated: Apr 9

If you look up hair tips on google, you will find hundreds of different websites, blogs or online magazine articles about what to do to get thicker, glossier, longer etc etc hair. It's difficult to know what to trust when so many of these articles are endorsed by the companies they are promoting.

So I've decided to put my top tips together from my own personal experience and what has helped my brides in the past. I'm not going to list specific products (maybe one or two) but just give you some easy steps to get the most from your hair so it looks it's absolute best for your big day. Starting with some FAQ's.

Q: Why is salon shampoo recommended over supermarket brands?

A: Salon shampoos are often free from harmful ingredients like parabens and sulphates, which can damage your scalp and hair. They contain quality ingredients that protect and enhance your hair, making them worth the investment, especially for maintaining hair treatments and colour.

Q: Can I wash my hair with any shampoo before my wedding?

A: It's recommended to use a clarifying shampoo the day before your wedding to remove any build-up of products, dirt, and dead skin. This ensures your hair isn't too soft or flyaway, making it easier for your hairstylist to manage and style.

Q: How often should I trim my hair if I'm growing it out for my wedding?

A: While the common advice is to trim your hair every 6-8 weeks, if you're trying to grow it, consider extending this to 10-12 weeks. This timeline helps keep the ends neat without sacrificing length, especially important if you're aiming for a romantic, tussled look.

Q: Is it necessary to have my hair cut frequently to maintain its health?

A: Frequent trims are not always necessary, especially if you're growing your hair. Adjusting the trimming schedule according to your hair's growth rate and condition can prevent cutting off the length you've gained.

Q: How do I use coconut oil as a hair mask?

A: Melt a couple of tablespoons of cold-pressed coconut oil (adjust the amount based on your hair thickness), and apply it to your hair, starting from the ends and working your way up. Comb through and leave it in as long as possible before washing it out with shampoo applied directly to dry hair.

Q: Why should I apply shampoo to my hair before wetting it when washing out the coconut oil mask?

A: Applying shampoo directly to dry, oiled hair helps break down the coconut oil more effectively, ensuring that your hair is not left greasy after washing.

Q: Is dirty hair ok for styling on my wedding day?

A: No, dirty hair is not recommended for wedding day styling. It's best to have clean, product-free hair as it provides a better foundation for your hairstylist to work with, ensuring your style lasts longer and looks its best.

Use a good shampoo

The most important of them all, so I'm going to start with it. Before I trained in hair, I thought the only reason salons tried to get you to buy their shampoo is because they wanted you to spend more money. It is only a tiny bit true, they may want to sell on the brand that they are advertising but there's more to it. Think about it. You've just spent £100+ on your beautiful, shiny, blonde/caramel highlights and then go and use a £3 supermarket shampoo to wash it with. WHY!? Would you buy a cashmere jumper and then wash it in fairy liquid? I doubt it. What's the difference.

Would you buy a cashmere jumper and then wash it in fairy liquid?

Yes the shampoos in salons are more expensive BUT it's because they're good and therefore you don't need to use as much per wash. Shampoos shouldn't froth up on the first wash either, the first wash is to cling to the dirt/grease, the second to wash it away - ever wondered why they wash your hair twice? Now you know. So next time you go and get your lovely new colour done, or even if you don't colour your hair and prefer your natural locks, treat yourself and your hair to a new shampoo and conditioner. A proper shampoo has the correct ingredients to get the best from your hair and actually looks after it. They're generally free from parabens and sulphates which can be harmful to your skin, scalp and hair.

You don't have to have it trimmed every 6/8 weeks 

I actually don't agree with having to have your hair cut or trimmed that often, especially if your aim is to grow it. Purely because for some, yes your hair will grow a lot in that time, but for others 6-8 weeks may as well be 6-8 months in your hair cycle.  Generally if you're having to concentrate on growing your hair for your wedding, it's because it doesn't grow very fast, try 10-12 weeks instead or longer if you're looking after it. This still keeps the ends neat and tidy, but you're not going to end up cutting off what you've just spent the last few months growing. Also if you're after a beautifully tussled romantic look with lots of trentals, the ends of your hair will be too blunt and will stick out at funny angles! Not quite the look you're after!

Use a hair mask once a week

My tried and tested hair mask is pure and simple. Coconut oil. The cold pressed white stuff you find in a jar that everyone suddenly had in their cupboards a few years ago. This is best when your hair already needs a wash as you'll wash it out afterwards. All you need to do with this is get a good couple of tablespoons, more if you have thick hair, less if it's thinner, melt it down in the microwave (usually a minute or so at 10 second intervals does this - not more otherwise you'll burn yourself) until it becomes a clear liquid. When its cool enough to touch (don't wait until it's cold otherwise it'll go solid again). Put it all over the ends of your hair.

This will get messy so do it in the bathroom with a towel round you. Once the ends are coated, move up until your whole head is covered. Comb through and either sit and have a nice bubble bath with it up in a clip, or wrap your hair in a towel and go about your day. If you're not going out, keep it in all day if you like. When you come to washing it out, put shampoo straight onto your hair before you wet it. This will break down the oil so you're not left with greasy hair. I guarantee your hair will love you for it.

Use a clarifying shampoo the day before your wedding

This will strip your hair of any build up of produce, dirt/pollution and dead skin up and stop your hair being too soft or flyaway for your wedding day, which will in turn help your style last better and be easier to manage for your hairstylist. Wash it the day before or on the morning. Dirty hair is a big no no when it comes to styling.

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