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Preparing for Your Trial: Tips to Make the Most of Your Experience

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

If you are wondering about the next step in your wedding hair and makeup journey, have a read of my guide below.

When should I book my trial?

I generally suggest having your trial 3-5 months before your big day as by then you know the style you’re planning to go for or the influences your wedding theme may have on the style you want.

This helps me work out the best and most flattering bridal look for you. You will be giving me clues about your style and personality without even knowing it and this makes a huge difference when creating the perfect harmonious hair and makeup.

It’s a great idea to bring some images of the type of thing you like, even if it’s a few different pictures i.e the curl from one style, the front of another, the lip colour of another. Don’t worry about trying to find one single image to cover everything as I can use all of the inspiration you have brought with you to create the perfect bridal look for you. Please don’t worry if you have no idea what you’d like though, as the trial is the perfect time to have a play and I can make suggestions for what I feel would suit you too. If you have a veil, or a hair accessory you’d like to bring too, great! Or even a favorite lipstick.

How long will it take?

Trials for hair AND makeup can take around 3 hours, just hair or makeup up to 1-2, depending on the styles you’d like to try, so book the morning or afternoon off and enjoy a pamper! I often suggest to my brides to book their trials in the morning, and then a dress try on in the afternoon. That way you can see the whole look together. Although this isn't a necessity, just a fun idea!

Come with your hair washed, ideally the day before, and your face free of makeup, although if you’d prefer to come with a full face to show me what you are generally comfortable wearing, that’s great too!

How many looks can I try?

We can try a couple of different looks and a great thing to do is start natural with the makeup, and then build up a little to find your comfort zone. You may surprise yourself with what you end up going for! As for hair, if you can’t decide between an up or down do, we can try both! I can start with it down and then start to pin as I go. This way you can see 2 different looks.

If we run out of time, and you haven’t quite decided, no problem! You can book a second trial. More time to have a play and a pamper!

A trial can either be a very exciting thought or quite an anxious one. Either way, I promise we will have lots of fun and you will leave feeling happy and confident with your wedding hair and/or makeup look!

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