How it all began

Ever since I was little, I’ve always been more of a creative type. I enjoyed drawing, painting and anything Arts and Crafts. School was always a bit challenging for me unless it was an Art or Technology lesson. Everything else just didn’t hold my attention long enough. When it came to the decision of staying at school to choose A levels, back then the options for me were to do to do Art or…well Art, nothing like Photography or Textiles etc. I had no idea what I wanted to do within the “Art” world so chose to leave at 16.

"I started to look into Special Effects courses"

I always found it fascinating watching programmes like Holby City or Casualty because I was amazed at how special effects makeup created such realistic looking wounds, and I guess having a GP for a Dad and an ex A&E nurse for a Mum meant I wasn’t really that squeamish with things like that, plus I was used to seeing my Dads medical magazines lying around. This is when I started to look into Special Effects makeup as a potential career path.

18 years ago (now that makes me feel old even though I’m only 34!) there really still wasn’t the choice in courses etc. that we have today, so I really struggled to find anything suitable. Anything to do with Special Effects was more to do with film work and heavy prosthetics. Although I still found that amazing, it was the more medical side that intrigued me. Close to home I guess!

So, my 16 year old self decided I would do the responsible thing and enrol in my local college, for an office based apprenticeship. I thought this was a clever move as admin would provide many job opportunities. 2 years later armed with a Business Administration Qualification I was bored. I was bored of sitting in front of a computer, bored of being told what to do and frustrated with my lack of opportunity to be creative