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Behind the lense: Q&A with Howard from Absolute Photo UK

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

In this months Blog, I've had a lovely chat with Howard from Absolute Photo UK, a wedding photographer from Stevenage, Hertfordshire. Find out what the funniest photo he's ever captured is, as well as some top tips for wedding couples.

Hi I'm Howard. A Wedding and Couple Photographer since 2017

I provide relaxed and stress free photography and am always aiming for light and colourful imagery, without any forced posing. I use simple prompts to get even the most camera shy couples looking natural and comfortable

What's your favorite thing about being a wedding photographer?

Meeting so many different characters and seeing two people throughout the day shine, from the nervous beginnings to the moment they become officially married and having the best celebration with loved ones

It’s a privilege to be picked as the person who will record the moments throughout the day and night

Do you do photography in your spare time? E.g on holiday or do you have a break?

I don’t tend to take all my pro gear around with me in social time or family days out, so prefer to keep personal time without any work equipment but will always use my phone for any nice pics whilst on holiday or nights out.

Favorite venue to photograph?

Tough one! There’s been many, sometimes the smaller ones are better for being able to be in one place and can be have some lovely grounds and countryside around it, like Coltsfoot in Datchworth, but us photographers will always love the plush big ones too like Rushton Hall and Fanhams Hall, which will always have the huge grounds and amazing exteriors/interiors

The staff at the venues will always make a difference too as to how they treat photographers and keep you informed of the days timelines and making sure you are ok.

Do you do destination weddings?

Happy to travel worldwide but yet to do one, I hear the Seychelles is nice this time of year! ;)

When should you book your wedding photographer?

Most go for 18 months to two years ahead but I have been booking weddings with only 6 months to go as well. All depends on availability and my holiday dates

When's your busiest time for enquiries?

They can be like buses, nothing for a while then 2 or 3 at once , I think after the summer can be busy with bookings and also after the New Year.

Do you prefer to capture what you see as it happens or have a list of images to capture?

I make sure I get all the essentials from start to finish, and then I need to check the couples list for the group shots and anything in particular they want, as the day goes on you can spot special moments, so you have to be quick or it’s gone!

How long does it take you to edit your galleries?

I’m pretty quick with that and can be within 7 days or in busier times 2 weeks

Describe the funniest image you've taken.

The funniest tend to be later in day (after drinks flow) but there were some good ones at a ‘Pastafarian’ wedding, it’s where the couple have a Celebrant dressed a a Pirate, and the couple have a colander on their heads whilst worshipping the Flying Spagetti monster, it might be better to Google that one! It’s a real thing

What's your favourite part of a wedding e.g prep, ceremony, speeches?

Bridal prep and Bridal party and the moments up to the ceremony, plus all the fun group shots later in evening

Favorite season to photograph?

Early or late summer

Top tip for a newly engaged couple?

Book your suppliers nice and early and avoid the last minute stress of finding them and only to find your favourite ones are booked up. I do offer discounts for early bird bookings so it could save money on the wedding budget to put towards other things.



Check out some of Howards beautiful images below

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