Wedding morning tips!

It’s safe to say I’ve worked on A LOT of wedding mornings and after also getting married myself nearly 7 years ago, I’ve now created some great tips for the best wedding morning. From an outsiders (and insiders) point of view, these handy tips will create a calm, fun and happy morning leading up to saying “I do”

So grab a cuppa, a pen and paper and take a read below!


So the first thing. Create a wedding morning playlist or two! The number of times I’ve started getting my brides ready and there’s radio silence. There’s nothing wrong with that if it’s what you prefer, but even having some calming, acoustic/instrumental versions of your fave songs on will send the endorphins flying. Then once things get a bit livelier and more exciting, change your playlist to some more upbeat songs!

Putting on a generic wedding morning playlist is great for a last resort but what’s better than all of yours and your bridal parties favourite songs. Get everyone to list their top 10 or 20 and then either you or delegate a bridesmaid to put it all together.