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Make your Perfect Wedding Morning happen: Tips for a Smooth and Memorable Start to Your Special day

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

It’s safe to say I’ve worked on A LOT of wedding mornings and after also getting married myself nearly 7 years ago, I’ve now created some great tips for the best wedding morning. From an outsiders (and insiders) point of view, these handy tips will create a calm, fun and happy morning leading up to saying “I do”

So grab a cuppa, a pen and paper and take a read below!


So the first thing. Create a wedding morning playlist or two! The number of times I’ve started getting my brides ready and there’s radio silence. There’s nothing wrong with that if it’s what you prefer, but even having some calming, acoustic/instrumental versions of your fave songs on will send the endorphins flying. Then once things get a bit livelier and more exciting, change your playlist to some more upbeat songs!

Putting on a generic wedding morning playlist is great for a last resort but what’s better than all of yours and your bridal parties favourite songs. Get everyone to list their top 10 or 20 and then either you or delegate a bridesmaid to put it all together.

Make sure you have a speaker to play your songs on as if you play it from someone's phone, the quality isn’t as good and the atmosphere won’t be the same! Also they may walk off and you’ll be left with silence again.


Now everyone will be on at you to “eat something!” on your morning, which is true, but you may not feel like having a fry up or that bowl of fruit they keep pushing in front of you. Instead, work out your go to comforting snacks. Take a trip round Tesco (other supermarkets available) and grab your favourite crisps, sweeties, nuts, anything that you’ve been holding off eating and love to eat!

Picking little and often will keep your sugar levels up, line your stomach and will more likely be something you fancy rather than something you “should” eat. Yes, having something wholesome and healthy is better, but it’s not always what you fancy in your nervous/excited state, so just eat anything you fancy to make sure there is SOMETHING in your tummy.


Now I don’t mean booze, although this usually does feature on the morning, but have a bottle of water on the go constantly. Just concentrate on sipping it throughout the morning. You don’t want to suddenly remember and down a glass of water here and there, it won’t hydrate you that way as it doesn't have time to filter through to your kidneys and will just make you pee lots! Little and often again is the key! Also if the Prosecco does appear, have one glass of prosecco to one glass of water. You’ll thank me for it.


They say prevention is better than cure… I speak from experience when I say take some paracetamol or Ibuprofen (after eating) about 30 mins before you walk down the aisle. You can actually get a tension headache from all the smiling, and you’ll be doing a lot of it! Either naturally or from the constant pics people will be taking of you!


Whatever you do, do not leave those little jobs until the wedding morning. I mean writing the place cards, putting together last minute favours or anything that is going to use up time. You may think you’ll all be sitting around twiddling your thumbs but the time goes SO QUICKLY! Make sure everything is done before the day. You may think it will help to keep you busy, but this is the time you want to just enjoy being with your friends and family, chilling out. Let yourself relax. If you really need the distraction, put on your favourite film or series or find something non-wedding related to do.


Following on from above, if you aren’t able to set up the venue the day/night before. Make sure everyone has clear jobs and instructions to set things up. Mock up a table at home and take a pic so everyone knows your vision. Better yet, ask to visit the venue and take pictures of where you want things to go. Preparation is key here. You don’t want people running in and out of the room and hurried phone calls asking where things need to go. It will stress everyone out and may cause delays to getting everyone ready.


If you all have your stuff lying around in the room (you will) delegate someone or tell everyone to have everything packed up and or moved to where it needs to be (if it needs to be moved) AT LEAST an hour before you’re ready to leave. I didn’t do this myself and left my glasses at home. I desperately needed them once I took my lenses out that night and then the next morning and didn’t have them! Have a list of everything you will need the next day and have it packed and ready, maybe even in a separate bag in a car that will be at the venue.


Do present giving earlier rather than later. That time you thought you’d be twiddling your thumbs? This is the perfect time. You may want your photographer to capture these moments, but it’s more important not to rush the real moment by waiting until it’s a rush and you won't be able tot enjoy seeing everyone's reactions. I always do my best to capture these moments myself anyway. Also it stops any delays from fixing all of your makeup if you get emotional!


A lot of Brides love to have getting ready pics with the girls on the morning, I did too! So if this is something you want to do, make sure you factor this into the timings of the morning with hair and makeup. If you’re all set to be ready an hour before you walk down the aisle (that’s what I suggest), it most likely won’t be enough time to fit in some pics too. This may mean starting earlier with hair and makeup, or forfeiting some of those pics.

One thing I’ve seen work very well and that I often suggest, is if you want that classic pic of you all in your robes, wait until you’re all ready and dressed, and pop the robes on top! You’re more than likely only going to have the pic from the waist up and from the back. you'll then all have your hair and makeup done and still have a cute pic which is much better planned than trying to get everyone in a quick pic, with some hair done and some makeup done. Plan in those pics if they’re important to you.

So! That's my guide, and nothing to do with hair and makeup haha! (well mostly) Based on lots of experience I feel that following these tips will create the most fun, relaxing wedding morning!

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