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Which season are you? How the different seasons can affect your hair and makeup choices for your wedding day

As a hair and makeup artist, one of the most important aspects of my job is ensuring that each bride looks and feels their best on their wedding day. A significant factor in achieving the perfect look is considering how the different seasons can influence your hair and makeup choices. I got married in winter, and it definitely played a part in many of my choices. Here’s my advice on how to tailor your bridal look to the season of your special day.

Spring: Fresh and natural

Hair: Spring is the season of renewal and fresh blooms, making it an ideal time for soft, romantic hairstyles. Opting for loose waves, soft curls, or relaxed updos decorated with fresh flowers can look stunning and generally it's not too warm so there's not so much battle with frizz!

Makeup: For a spring wedding, a fresh and dewy makeup look is perfect. Natural tones work beautifully. Think soft pinks and peaches for your cheeks and lips, with light, shimmery eyeshadows to accentuate your eyes without overwhelming them.

Summer: Bright and bold

Hair: Summer weddings can be vibrant and lively but can also be hot and humid. To keep your hair looking great all day, Styles with braids and ponytails can keep unruly hair under control if needed, and keep you cooler if you're blessed with lots of sunshine on your wedding day.

Makeup: In summer, lightweight, long-lasting makeup is key. A matte foundation will help control shine, and waterproof products are a must to withstand the heat. Bright and bold colours, such as coral lips and bronzed cheeks, giving you a sun kissed look which also complements the seasons brighter feel.

Autumn: Warm and earthy

Hair: Autumn provides a stunning natural backdrop and cooler temperatures, making it ideal for intricate updos and half-up, half-down styles. Incorporating seasonal elements like autumnal flowers or delicate hair vines with gold accents adds a touch of seasonal charm to your look.

Makeup: Warm, earthy tones are perfect for an autumn wedding. Rich browns, deep oranges, and burgundy shades create a beautiful, cohesive look. A warm-toned eyeshadow palette can create a stunning smokey eye, paired with a bold lip in deep red or plum for a statement. A hydrating foundation will keep your skin looking fresh despite the drier air.

Winter: Glamorous and elegant

Hair: Winter weddings are all about elegance and sophistication. Classic updos, sleek buns, and old Hollywood waves are excellent choices. Adding sparkly hair accessories like crystal pins or winter-themed headbands can elevate your look, giving it a winter wonderland feel.

Makeup: Winter is the perfect time for a bit of extra sparkle to your makeup. A flawless, full-coverage foundation creates a smooth canvas. Bold, defined eyes or feeling brave? Go for a classic red lip or a rich berry shade for a touch of festive glamour.

Ultimately though, you can have whatever you like as these are only suggestions and some colours will suit you better than others. But that's where I can advise you!

To check out my lovely past brides, take a look at my gallery here for more inspiration!

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