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Beyond the Brush: Your Hair & Makeup Timeline Unveiled!

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Planning your dream wedding can be an exciting yet overwhelming journey. To give you an idea of how I can help you through yours, I've created a quick guide that covers everything from your initial enquiry to your magical wedding day. The timings will vary depending on your personal timeframe, but this 12-step timeline is designed to ensure a stress-free experience, knowing that you don't just send over a deposit, then meet me on the day!

  1. Enquire - we've touched base, you like what you see and are good to go! great!

  2. Booked - you've sent over your deposit and your date is secure - phew! That's one more thing ticked off the list.

  3. 6 months before your wedding - your can book your Trial! - Yipee! This is when we get to meet! You will receive a link via email to pick a date for your trial.

  4. 2 weeks before your trial - you receive a pre trial questionnaire

  5. 1 week before your trial - you'll receive an email of how to prep for your trial, as well as details like my address, and where to park.

  6. 1 week after your trial - you'll receive a post trial questionnaire

  7. 12 weeks before your wedding - I'll confirm all the details of your wedding morning, including who's having what, where you're getting ready and what time you'll be ready by.

  8. 8 weeks before your wedding - you'll receive your personalised wedding schedule, detailing timings for the morning.

  9. 1 month before your wedding -your final balance is due, not long to go!

  10. 1 week before your wedding - I'll touch base and confirm the morning plans again.

  11. 1 day before your wedding! - It's so close! I'll confirm again when you'll be expecting me (us if there's a team) and send some important tips!


When you become one of my brides, you can refer back to your timeline, so you know where you are in the process and what to expect next! For a more in depth read, please visit my other blog "What happens when you book me"

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