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Your hair & makeup timeline - what happens next!

See below your quick 12 step timeline from enquiry through to your big day.

  1. Enquire - we've touched base, you like what you see and are good to go! great!

  2. Booked - you've sent over your deposit and your date is secure - phew! That's one more thing ticked off the list.

  3. 6 months before your wedding - your can book your Trial! - Yipee! This is when we get to meet! You will receive a link via email to pick a date for your trial.

  4. 2 weeks before your trial - you receive a pre trial questionnaire

  5. 1 week before your trial - you'll receive an email of how to prep for your trial, as well as details like my address, and where to park.

  6. 1 week after your trial - you'll receive a post trial questionnaire

  7. 12 weeks before your wedding - I'll confirm all the details of your wedding morning, including who's having what, where you're getting ready and what time you'll be ready by.

  8. 8 weeks before your wedding - you'll receive your personalised wedding morning schedule, detailing timings for the morning.

  9. 1 month before your wedding -your final balance is due, not long to go!

  10. 1 week before your wedding - I'll touch base and confirm the morning plans again.

  11. 1 day before your wedding! - It's so close! I'll confirm again when you'll be expecting me (us if there's a team) and send some important tips!


Now you can refer back to your timeline, so you know where you are in the process and what to expect next! For a more in depth read, please visit my other blog "What happens when you book me"

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